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Tree Surgery

   If you are needing tree work carried out just call, text or email, and we will arrange a visit and free quotation. You can be assured that we will take the time to discuss both your needs and that of the trees to give you the best solution. After the work is complete we will then cover future management options, information and guidance. We don't just "cut and run"!

What can we do for you?

  • Tree Removal: When a tree surgeon quotes to remove a tree, the standard is to remove it leaving as low a stump as possible.
  • Crown reduction or pruning: We can reduce the height and/or the width of a tree. Not all trees are happy with large reductions and we may recommend that a severe reduction takes place over a period of a couple of years.
  • Thinning: Thinning reduces the density of the crown. This will let more light through the tree.
  • Crown lifting: This is the removal of the tree's lower limbs, common practice along footpaths and roadways.
  • Deadwooding: This is the identification and removal of dead limbs throughout the canopy.
  • Stumpgrinding: This is the grinding away of the main part of the stump, thereby preventing any regrowth and to leave as flat a surface as possible. This does not include the removal of lateral roots, which will gradually rot away.
  • Chipping: With our Greenmech Woodchipping machine we chip all small limbs and leaves for removal. Should you wish the chipping left, whether for pathways or mulch, please let us know.